Moments – Journal/Diary To Record A Special Moment Everyday !


Ever wish you could just pause and enjoy the moment?

It’s been scientifically proven that taking the time to reflect each day on something that you are grateful for can make you happier and healthier. Gratitude journals have been around for a while, but come on – it’s 2015. Moments is a gratitude journal-style app that encourages users to appreciate the small things in life by curating visually-engaging and social “moments”. Moments is a sleek new gratitude journal app that lets you record your daily moments in a visually stunning way.

Moments prompts users to record every day something they are grateful for. On the home view, users are prompted with the question, “What are you grateful for today?” After entering their text, they are prompted to choose a photo from their photo gallery. In the next two views, users are then given the option to crop and filter their photo, as well as add their previously-entered text in a stylised manner to the photo, and apply a variety of different fonts and colours.

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The resultant image, called a “moment,” is stored to the user’s Moments gallery, which presents the user’s previously curated moments in a UICollectionView grid view. From this screen, users have the opportunity to zoom in on any previous moments and share them to Facebook.

How it works ?
—- Choose a photo,adda filter,and stylise your text in order to create a beautiful and memorable moment.
– Easily scroll through all your previous moments in the stunning Moments gallery.
– Share any or all of your moments with those who matter on Facebook.
—- iPhone and iPad compatible. Supports iPhone 4S and newer.

Record every precious moment precious in your life, make your life as memorable as possible !



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