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Household Chores Checklist t is a solution to track and monitor your progress of different house chores tasks. You could build a list of tasks which need to be done regularly every week or daily, use it to track completion and reset it into pending task list again .It is simple, easy to use and yet powerful apps !

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Household Chores Checklist features :
(1).Add new task to the pending task list. You could define the details of the task using the text pad provided
(2).Complete the task by checking on check box on each pending task
(3).Tasks could be deleted and edited from the pending/completed task list
(4).Completed tasks from pending task list will go into completed task list. You could unchecked the completed task to become a pending task again
(5).You could search the task list by using the search bar provided
(6).Switch between pending and completed task list with click of toolbar button
(7).Alert notice will be prompted of list of tasks which are still pending as reminder
(8).You could send list of pending/completed task list using Email,SMS,Facebook & Twitter !
(9).The apps come with following pre-loaded chores list (categorised by areas in your house) for your convenience. You could always add new chores task to it as much as you like !

-Living areas
-Kids’ room
-Meal Planning & Prep
-Laundry room

Grab a copy of the apps for better house chores task management !



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