Fruit Sorter – Fruit Sorting Game

Fruit Sorting is very addictive and time consuming game for Android.

It’s endless game where your task is to sort fruits from belt into boxes. Swipe your finger over screen to catch same kind fruits and put them into boxes.

Time is running so you must be really good so fruits don’t fall out of belt. Compete with other peoples and get best score via Google Play Games Leaderboards and Achievements.

More time you spend – more fruits you unlock.

3 gameplay modes:
(1). Normal: You get only 4 boxes and 4 kind of fruits. More time you play – belt is moving faster 

(2). Time attack: You have time limit to fill box. Time is running. 

(3). Progressive: At beginning you have only 2 kind of fruits to sort. After some time there will be more fruits on belt up to 6 kind 

Game includes Google Play Game Services for Achievements and Leaderboards.

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