Be A Despicable Road Killer

Be A Despicable Road Killer

Simplicity is the key here when playing Despicable Road Killer game ! Anyone can be a road killer and bully playing this game !

Below are the amazing features of this killer game :

•Despicable Road Killer is a fun game, platform game. There are 2 types of cars in the game one is a player’s car and another ones are enemy cars.

•You need to collect rockets on the road and then press fire button to launch a rocket to explode enemy cars in front of it.

•Also you need to collect gas for go long way or else the game will be over.

•Avoid collisions with other enemy cars and go as long as you can.

•In Despicable Road Killer game we have included Leader board so you can compete with other user to climb to the first position.

• Despicable Despicable Killer completely free download.

• Despicable Despicable Killer works even offline also.

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